Looking to buy a house with Chinese Drywall in it?  We can help you get financing to buy and repair it! We can help you get a GREAT DEAL on purchasing A Chinese Drywall Florida  home! Sellers we have CASH BUYERS for your Chinese drywall Florida home.

GOT CHINESE DRYWALL in your Florida home?


Hello, I’m Jerry Tetro if your home in Florida has Chinese Drywall in it, I can fix your entire home! As you know it can affect your HVAC system, your Electrical wiring, your Plumbing and any other metal that is in your home, along with your family’s health!

Give me a call and I will explain my ONE STOP process that can totally restore your home and quickly! I will do the work with my team of professionals, or you can hire me as a CONSULTANT to make sure you get the most value for your dollar in both settlement monies and construction repair cost. Because of the danger of not receiving sufficient settlement monies you need to hire someone with a very high level of expertise who will work for you and fix all the hidden problems!

According to Court rulings a complete Home remediation should include:

  • Replacement of all drywall in the home
  • Replacement of entire HVAC system
  • Replacement of plumbing system including all copper and metal
  • Replacement of all Bathroom fixtures
  • Replacement of mirrors and medicine cabinets
  • Replacement of light fixtures. fans, ceiling and exhaust
  • Replacement of other metallic fixtures
  • Replacement of electrical wiring both insulated and noninsulated
  • Replacement of electrical receptacles
  • Replacement of some appliances (refrigerator)
  • Replacement of TV and computers
  • Replacement of Carpeting and Drapery fabrics
  • Replacement of Hardwood and vinyl floors
  • Replacement of Tile floors unless it can be protected during remediation
  • Replacement of Cabinets and countertops (note: this based on an economic evaluation of whether it is cost effective to remove and store or replace new)
  • Replacement of trim molding, casing and baseboards
  • Replacement of insulation
  • After removal of all drywall properties, all the areas must be cleaned with a HEPA vacuum, wet wiped or power washed and dried out for 15 to 30 days
  • Property must be inspected by a Certified Engineering company after remediation is completed certifying home is safe.
  • So what are you wating for call us today to get all of the Chinese Drywall out of your Florida home!
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