Chinese Drywall Florida Update

An announcement of a new website with details about a home in North Port, Florida, that has a parallel problem of bad Chinese Drywall but appears to be bad American Drywall was uploaded by the owner of the home, Charles Hummer. Apparently Mr. Hummer at first thought that he had Chinese Drywall in his Florida home, but after extensive investigation he found out it was manufactured in a now closed Drywall plant in Jacksonville, Florida. Because of the drywall offgasing, emitting sulphuric fumes coming from the bad Drywall in his home, again manufactured in Florida, he and his wife have been living outside the home in the rear porch area in a tent. The only time he enters the home is to use the facilities in the bathroom but alway wearing a mask. He goes into complete detail and he is using his site as an informational tool, to alert others who may have a problem with either Chinese Drywall or American Drywall that they suspect is bad. In the many conversations I have had with this gentlemen I have determined that he only wants to be treated fairly by his builder, insurance company, or the government; but as of yet his problem is being ignored by everyone. In our lenghty conversations I have also determined that he has gathered a lot of facts and other ancedotal information about this problem and is willing to share it willingly with others. Along with uploading his site with my site you will gain much insight into the problem as we both intend to post the most update and current information on both sites, so check in with us frequently.

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